Chris practiced the piano for 3/4 of an hour on Monday, 1/2 of an hour onTuesday, 1 hour on Wednesday, 1/4 of an hour on Thursday, and 1/3 of anhour on Friday. How many total hours did Chris practice? CAN SOMEONE HELP PLEASE IVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS PROBLEM FOR 15 MINUTES

Accepted Solution

Hi There :)

Let's first determine each of the fractions of the times before adding them

1/4 of 60 is 15
1/3 of 60 is 20
1/2 of 60 is 30

So, let's add up all the times

On Monday, he practiced for 3/4 of an hour, which would equal 45 minutes
On Tuesday, he practiced for 1/2 an hour, which equals 30 minutes
On Wednesday, he practiced for 1 hour, which equals 60 minutes
On Thursday, he practiced for 1/4 of an hour, which equals 15 minutes
On Friday, he practiced for 1/3 of an hour, which equals 20 minutes

Now, let's add up the totals

45+30+60+15+20 = 120 minutes

120 minutes = 2 hours

So, Chris practiced for 2 hours this week!


Hope this helps and have a great day!