The Ericsson method is one of several methods claimed to increase the likelihood of a baby girl. In a clinical​ trial, results could be analyzed with a formal hypothesis test with the alternative hypothesis of pgreater than>​0.5, which corresponds to the claim that the method increases the likelihood of having a​ girl, so that the proportion of girls is >0.5. If you have an interest in establishing the success of the​ method, which of the following​ P-values would you​ prefer: 0.999,​ 0.5, 0.95,​ 0.05, 0.01,​ 0.001? Why?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The preferred p-value among the options offered is 0.001. The reason is because p-value represents the minimum probability of committing the type I error, that is, the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis, with the information contained in the sample, given that this hypothesis is true. The p-value of 0.001 is the lowest value proposed for this probability. Therefore, it supports more evidence that the null hypothesis is false.Step-by-step explanation: